Susan L Mayer LMT
Neuromuscular Massage Therapist * Viniyoga Instructor

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Custom Beard Oil - 1 fl oz

Custom Beard Oil - 1 fl oz


Beard oil helps reduce beardruff, dry and itchy skin under your beard, and fly away hairs. The essential oils give this blend an earthy, woodsy and fresh scent.

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How to use Beard Oil

Number of Drops Guideline

  • New beard/stubble - 1 month growth: 3 - 4 drops

  • 1 - 3 months growth: 4 - 6 drops

  • 3 - 12 months growth: 6 - 10 drops

  • 1 year +: 10+ drops

  1. Towel dry beard to slightly damp, then apply oil according to the above guidelines.

  2. Use dropper to put the desired number of drops on palms, rub hands together to evenly spread oil on palms and fingers

  3. Work oil into skin before spreading onto beard. Getting the oil closer to the roots will help keep skin and beard healthy.

  4. Distribute evenly in beard, moving across and with the grain of the hair.

  5. Brush hands along the sides and front of your beard.

  6. If your beard is long enough, bring hands/fingers up through the bottom of the beard to continue evenly spreading the oil.

  7. Use fingers to oil your mustache.

  8. Comb with a beard comb slowly from the lowest part upwards. For a fuller, fluffy beard comb with the teeth pointed up coming from the bottom of the beard near your neck working towards chin and cheeks. Style by combing downward to create your own beard style