Susan L Mayer LMT
Neuromuscular Massage Therapist * Viniyoga Instructor

Speaking Topics 2018-2019

Classes and Workshops

I am available to teach in Illinois, Michigan, and Arizona.

Speaking Topics for 2018 - 2019

Integrative Reflexology® Certification 24CE: Integrative Reflexology® is a foot and hand reflexology training that is designed to be a modality of massage and bodywork therapies. The Integrative Reflexology® method is a whole-hand technique that is easier for the therapists to give and more enjoyable for the client to receive. In this foundational certification course you will learn the basic techniques of foot and hand reflexology through the 4-Theory Approach. The four theories include Structural Alignment Theory, Zone Theory, Meridian Theory and Psychoneuroimmunology Theory. For Massage Therapists and other health care providers.

Hot Rockin' Reflexology and Sweet Feet® Aromatherapy 7 CE: Enhance your reflexology with aromatherapy and hot rocks. This fun class will introduce you to 8 essential oils and safe use of hot stones. The course uses Integrative Reflexology® method, a whole-hand technique that is easier for the therapists to give and more enjoyable for the client to receive. For Massage Therapists, other health care providers, and spa nail technicians. Investment: $175

Reflexology for your family:  The entire body is mapped on your feet. This class will teach family members how to work on each other to support health and comfort with a basic routine. Foot reflexology chart included. Can be taught to family members, or in a general class for up to 10 people.

What are Chakras?: Explore the energetic centers know as the Chakras and how they relate to healing your body, mind and spirit. Suitable for all levels of knowledge in energetic healing. Suitable for private lesson.

Small Group Aromatherapy Blending: Each class will provide a choice of up to 10 different essential oils for participants to create a unique blend. Everyone will have at least one unique product to take home.


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