Susan L Mayer LMT
Neuromuscular Massage Therapist * Viniyoga Instructor


Relax and Restore

  • Integrative Reflexology® helps induce deep relaxation when stress and anxiety are contributing factors. During a reflexology session, you can expect to become deeply relaxed. The premise of reflexology is that your entire body is mapped on your feet, hands and ears. In my sessions, work is only done on the feet and hands. A delightful blend of castor oil and shea butter is used to support healing and give a comfortable medium for movement on the skin. If desired, you can begin the session with a foot soak.

  • Hot and Cool stones further enhance any modality, creating a feeling of being grounded and relaxed. They can be utilized in NMT sessions as a substitute for heat or ice packs. In a general relaxation or Integrative Reflexology® sessions, stones will deepen the relaxation you feel. Generally hot and cool stone sessions are done with the area being worked undraped and with jojoba oil to allow the stones to slide on the skin. They can be used during a fully clothed session as well, but they would be placed on the body instead of an extension of the hand.

  • Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to create a certain effect. Examples of their use in a massage therapy session would be to have a diffuser running with your choice of oils so the aroma is inhaled as a general room enhancement, or added to the carrier oil to be absorbed by the skin. For clients who are using the aromatherapy for relaxation, a blend can be made and sent home for an additional fee. For clients requesting

  • Sound Therapy + Reiki provides deep relaxation using singing bowls, gentle percussion instruments and soothing soundtrack with Reiki. Adding heated or cool stones creates a sense of grounding in the physical and energetic body. This session is done with the client fully clothed, preferably in loose fitting clothing.

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