Susan L Mayer LMT
Neuromuscular Massage Therapist * Viniyoga Instructor
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Journeying through Self-Care

Body, Mind, Musician

This 45 minute class is a sampling of marma point self-care, seated yoga sequence and reflexology, all with the intention to either wake up your brain, sharpen your attention, or bring relaxation. Right now, it is unedited, so you'll hear it exactly as the participants experienced it on the morning of August 13, 2017.


NFA Sunday, 13 August 2017

(c) 2017 Susan Mayer / Muscle Dynamics


Marma therapy:

            Marma are points (small wheels of energy) along the nadis (‘rivers’ that are doorways to prana). If there is pain, it indicates a blocked marma point. Blockage can occur from stress, injury, diet, alcohol, etc. Ayurveda recommends daily self massage.

            Measurements are done with the width and length of the hand, and of the fingers (anguli). Pressure & manipulation is generally done with the index finger, pressure held steady for up to a minute or in a clockwise motion (when doing this on yourself, you are the clock).

1.     Feel the bone at the base of the skull – easiest to use thumbs on this point. Direct pressure upward.

2.     Place the heel of your hand at eyebrows, measure 2 anguli past tip of middle finger. Massage this point.

3.     Place the heel of your hand at eyebrows, and massage the point where your middle finger lands. This is considered the master marmani. It increases prana; helps sleep

4.     Touch the tips of ears with thumbs, and let middle fingers meet at center of head/crown. Massage this point. It can help reduce pressure headaches, stress, increase memory, and help induce sleep.

5.     Massage the point in the center of forehead where your hair meets forehead skin. Reduces headaches, calms the mind, balances emotional disturbances, reduces stress, aids sleep.

6.     Third eye – between eybrows. Seat of intuition. Good for concentration, calms the mind, reduces stress & emotional distress, aids sleep.

7.     Middle of chin – connects with emotional heart. Press & release 3 times or 5 small clockwise circles.

8.     Middle of upper lip – refreshes brain

9.     Where nostril meets face – press one side, then the other. R marma relates to L side of brain & vice versa. Also helps with sinus issues.

10.  Nasal bone at level of cheekbones – Gently squeeze either side of nose at the broadest part of your nasal bone. Helps reduce dry eyes; if have runny eyes, directs fluid down back of throat.

11.  Work all along the top of the boney ridge below the eyes – relieves eye strain; energizes brain

12.  Corner of eye socket – fingertip on edge of bone; pressure is outward with up/down motion. Also good for eyestrain.

13.  Thumbs in upper eye socket, near inside edge of eyebrows. Pressure is upward towards top of head. Press/release. Good for headaches; reduces stress in eyes.

14.  Pinch eyebrows – reduces stress in tiny eye muscles

15.  Back to mastoid process – bone at base of skull. Feels good; reduces stress in neck & jaw


1.     Anuloma Krama – segmented breath/invigorating, increases focus & activates mind

a.     2 part inhale – 3/3

b.     3 part inhale – 2/2/2

2.     Viloma Krama – segmented breath/calming to body & emotions; relieves anxiety.

3.     Alternate Nostril breathing – balancing.

a.     Thumb against R nostril, IN L count of 4; close L nostril with ring finger & EX R nostril count of 4; IN R count of 4; close R nostril with thumb; EX L. This is one cycle. Repeat for 6 – 12 cycles of breath.


Entire body is mapped on feet, hands & ears.

We will work on 3 areas today: head/neck; spine; diaphragm


·      Tennis ball

·      Body butter

·      Stone

Tennis ball:

·      Rolling ball on entire sole can relax entire body

·      Rolling along medial arch works entire spine

·      Rolling along area at base of toes (where color change is) releases tension in the ribcage & diaphragm

Combination of body butter & stone:

·      Use stone to work all toes with a gentle scrapping motion (works head & neck)

·      Place stone in palm and massage medial arch (spine – base of big toe is top of back, heel is sacrum/tail bone)

·      Use stone in ball of foot, either with circular motions or twisting – lungs

o   Use stone along color change line to work on diaphragm